Public relations is a management function that establishes and maintains two-way mutual relationships and communications between an organization and the public, to include stakeholders (i.e. those who have a stake, such as employees, shareholders, etc.) that often determine their success or failure.

RESONATE BREAK: Take a moment to click on the word stakeholders to read an article about the importance of stakeholders in PR (public relations).Public Relations Many confuse the terms, but public relations specialists, best known as publicists, are responsible for building a relationship between the person or brand and the public. A publicist is hired to get press coverage for their clients as they build brand identity through media coverage. Public relations in marketing means a publicist works as an influential brand or person’s personal “cheerleader” as they build and utilize relationships with various media outlets to expand that person or brand’s notoriety with the public to increase revenue and beneficial opportunities.

How to choose the best publicist for you?

First things first, do your research before your outreach and make sure you have a BUDGET.  Often, entrepreneurs desire the services of a publicist but aren’t realistic when it comes to a publicist’s duties and what those services will actually cost them. The average retainer for a publicist can range from $2K – $10K monthly. Make sure you:

  • Manage your expectations.
  • Never assume you need a publicist right away.
  • Be realistic and keep in mind that a publicist’s job has its limits

RESONATE BREAK:  Check out the article, Three seasoned pros weigh in on how to know when you need one [a publicist], what to look for, and what to avoid, from Spotify. 

Top Millennial Publicist from the East to West Coast:

Public Relations

Candice Nicole

Agency – Candice Nicole Public Relations (CNPR)

Industry Speciality: Corporate

John Livengood

Agency – LivengoodLivin Publicity

Industry Speciality: Music

Keisha  Brewer

Agency – The PR Alliance

Industry Speciality: Corporate

Icy the Artist

Agency – Artiste House

Industry Speciality: Creative

Specialities noted are prominent, but not limited too*

Nepherterra Best

Agency – Pride PR

Industry Speciality: Non Profit

Milan Mobley

Agency – UMGMT

Industry Speciality: Corporate

Brittany Miller

Agency – Brittany Miller Brand

Industry Speciality: Lifestyle

Derrian Perry

Agency – Preshy Brand

Industry Speciality – Entertainment

Kiki Ayers

Agency – Ayers Publicity

Industry Speciality – Luxury

Specialties noted are prominent, but not limited too*