When you have properly branded your business and acquired press by way of a publicist or simply earned media coverage there is opportunity to gain additional funding through sponsorship. A sponsorship deck is a visual representation with information regarding your brand that sets the stage for a person or company’s decision to invest in a relationship with your brand.

Sponsorship Deck

MOST sponsorship decks have the following sections:

  1. About Us ( What, Why)
  2. Audience (Who, Where, What)
  3. The Opportunity (What, When)
  4. Activation Ideas & The Investment (How)

RESONATE BREAK: Take a moment to click on Activation Ideas to find out more about what that is and the best way to execute that section for your sponsorship deck.


Create a PDF of your sponsorship proposal, but be considerate of the inboxes you’re sending it too, do not send a large presentation file. Send a link of where the deck “lives” on your website or a file-sharing service such as; Google Drive or Dropbox.

Be Specific!


  • Make it clear whether your event is in-person or virtual.
  • Be concise about the goal of the event, why people should attend, and why the potential sponsor should consider your brand credible.
  • Make sure your demographics coincide with your brand and your brand is relative to the sponsor you are pitching too.Sponsorship Deck Book a consultation today…